New Escapologist

A list of articles written in my role as Eudaemonology Editor of New Escapologist magazine.

Issue One
The Marshmallow Liberation

Issue Two
Escaping your possessions

Issue Three
Escape Depression
The Great Escape (interview with Robert Wringham and Tom Hodgkinson)

Issue Four
Escaping distractions
How to re-write your script

Issue Five
The Bohemian Beard Experiment
Bohemianism and Entropy

Issue Six
The Sulking Ape

Issue Seven
How to make decisions like Steve Jobs

Issue Eight
Drawing the Line
Escape Thought
Towards becoming a Good Citizen: An Interview with Ellie Harrison

As a super-special New Escapologist bonus, here is an unedited interview I recorded with Robert Wringham, the editor of New Escapologist, at the beginning of 2013. I had planned to make a regular podcast but alas didn’t have unlimited amounts of time.